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How We Work Together

Individual coaching


First, we assess where you are as a public speaker and your objectives. This is achieved through conversation and a simple onboarding process.


Next, we look at the various techniques that keep you calm, confident and credible every time you deliver a presentation, including:

  • dealing with nerves
  • knowing your audience
  • deciding on your specific purpose
  • uniting message, voice and body language
  • using your voice as your most precious tool
  • developing positive body language that both supports and accentuates your message
  • telling stories that captivate
  • creating presentations that engage
  • developing attention-grabbing openings
  • implementing transitions that guide your audience
  • crafting compelling conclusions
  • the effective use of presentation software
  • productive practicing and rehearsing


Meeting at your location or mine, whichever best suits your schedule, we meet for:

  • four 2.5-hour sessions or
  • two 6-hour sessions


At each session, you discover the what, why, and how. We use video extensively so you can see what your audience sees. This makes it much easier to further develop your strengths and mitigate your distracting habits.


Building on your forward momentum, we put your new skills into action, uniting your voice, body language and message. This provides you with the ability to consistently deliver compelling presentations that engage, inspire and persuade your audiences.


There is homework, practice and rehearsing, all designed to help best develop your talents.


Finally, as your coach, I continue to support you as you grow more at ease and self-assured when speaking in front of others.


Ultimately, through our work together, you successfully achieve your goals.


Let's get started. Contact me now at 401.742.1231 for a FREE consultation.

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