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Gain confidence!

Build credibility!

Advance your career!

Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and numerous others point to public speaking as the most valuable business skill for building one's career.


Their reasoning is that being able to effectively engage, inspire and persuade your audience gives you a decided advantage.


Imagine the success you'll enjoy when you finally master public speaking. Actually, you don't have to imagine; you can make it a reality.


It's not the time and money spent on becoming a better public speaker that should concern you. What should concern you is the time and money you forfeit by not becoming a better public speaker.


In my Public Speaking Master Course, you learn how to:

  • Be calm, confident and credible every time you deliver a presentation.
  • Effectively engage, inspire and persuade audience members.
  • Deliver presentations that have greater impact.
  • Grab your audience from the moment you walk on stage.
  • Use your voice as a powerful communication tool that connects with people.
  • Use positive body language that complements your presentations.
  • Craft and develop compelling messages that resonates with your audiences.
  • Employ the art of storytelling.
  • Utilize easy-to-follow transitions that lead your audience through your presentation.
  • Properly use technology to enrich and support your message.
  • Implement effective rehearsal techniques that bring everything together.
  • Persuade your audience to take action.


We meet for either six 2-hour sessions, three 4-hour sessions or two 8-hour sessions, whichever best suits your schedule. During each session, you discover new techniques and learn how to effectively implement them. As a result, you systematically move from where you now to being able to consistently engage, inspire and persuade your audiences.


This course includes follow-up so we can be sure you are continuing on your exciting road to success.


Who benefits from taking this course:

Executives & Managers



Professional Associations


Creative Agencies

Consultants & Coaches



TEDx & Other Short Presentation Speakers


Success is a choice ... your choice. Take the initiative to enjoy the successful career you've envisioned ... to consistently demonstrate your value ... to be the obvious choice. Contact me now at 401.742.1231 for a FREE consultation.


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"Peter is one of the most motivated individuals that I know. When he takes on the task of helping you achieve a goal in your business, such as being a great public speaker ... " read more


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